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I made mbpers a while ago. Not to rival this comm or anything, I just whine a lot and I don't want to annoy anyone here and I don't really read BSB / 'N Sync journals. It's just me, for now anyway. Anyway, I have no idea why I post here. So.. peace out?
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The day that j_timberlake and wjrobson (goes to show how long I've been gone, I don't know the right wade) break up is the day that I have to do some serious catching up to the happenings of my LJ popstars. Its been so long, what with me not having LJ access at work anymore. But I vow to do it, if it kills me. Lance kissed Joey. But that was after he got back with JC? I'm so lost.
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Wow, things have been so weird and confusing lately. Sad I only pop up to talk about the happenings at the Nsync Camp.

I can't help it, it's addictable.

JC and Lance looked as though they were going to get back together and work things out -- now Lance thinks he may want something with Joey...and I'm not sure what I think of that.

Ron and Chris -- over? It looks like? I liked that storyline when it began, but now I think I'm somewhat relieved. As long as he and Bobbie don't start messing around, I mean. Ugh.

And then in the last few days it looks like Justin and Wade are over, then I log on seconds ago and read this and I feel slightly guilty to be cheering. Justin and Wade have been together so long -- I'd like to see Justin with someone else, doing something else. And as for Wade. I don't know. :\ Of course part of me is always going to want Britney and Justin closer to each other.

But Britney looks like she's too busy with the Eminem and Christina bit, which I'm not understanding right now either.

Bobbie just seems out of the loop...Joey sending her flowers? Strange. I may have missed something there.

I'm actually really curious as to what will happen next -- in any of these storylines. Major shake-ups in all areas. Wow.
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