January 1st, 2003

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Looks as though a few of them are down at Miami for New Years Eve, Lance and JC seemed to be getting along, with JC maintaining his distance and Lance hanging and dancing with Beth.

When midnight struck Lance kissed Beth, and JC spotted them after the fact. He asked if Lance could be his first kiss, Lance said sure, they did. They talk, JC spots Bobbie and hugs her, Bobbie accidently blows it -- telling JC Lance and Beth kissed. :\ Man, Bobbie. She always gets caught in that.

So...I sort of saw it coming when Lance and Beth were out dancing, but not completely. I'm afraid to see what's next.

I wasn't sure, at first, how Willa ended up at Marshall's for New Years Eve, but I found this voicemail an entry back. Marshall and Willa argued, Willa slammed his hand in the refridgerator door. They kind of seem to make up and then finish out the night watching the MTV celebration.

I have a feeling the new year is going to be interesting for these people, and us watching as well.

Edit: Dean and Britney aren't looking happy.