January 5th, 2003

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Chris is off with his friend, Ron, on a roadtrip. (I'm not sure where Ron came from, or who he is exactly -- Chris said a friend from school, so I'm guessing from Rollins? I think it's called) He and Bobbie got into a kind of sort of arguement because he'd been more or less ignoring/avoiding Bobbie and pissing her off.

JC calls Chris to find out what's going on. He pretty much told Chris he needs to get down to LA and set Bobbie straight if he wants to continue re-developing something with Bobbie or not. From my understanding, Chris still wants Joey, but of course, he can't just jump back into that.

To me, the idea of Chris back with Bobbie seems wrong. Bobbie is super-clingy. She's already ready to jump in right back where she and Chris left off before he left her for Joey. I used to want Joey and Chris back together, but I'm beginning to wonder if that would be such a good idea, considering all that's happened.

Chris is supposed to visit Tara sometime on this trip too. Tara isn't seeing anyone and when talking to JC, JC mentioned hooking her up with Joey, but Tara didn't seem interested. I could be wrong, but she seemed interested in Chris? Or maybe I took her wrong? Chris and Tara? I'm not really sure how that would work out, since I haven't followed Tara to understand what she's like.

There doesn't seem to be any romantic interest going on between Chris and Ron, so I'm not really sure which direction Chris will end up. Like I've said before, maybe he needs some alone-time.

And Britney and Marshall patched things up, once again. Their relationship is crazy. I like them together and in some ways, they mesh well together, but they fight a lot. I'm not sure how long it'll end up lasting, but everytime it seems like they're breaking up, they work it out.
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