January 20th, 2003

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So, Bobbie goes to a club with JC and gets drunk. They go back to his place and she's all over JC. Throwing herself at him and practically begging him to sleep with her. This taking place after kissing him. JC refused and tried to make her understand why, before having to be firm about it. See, the difference between JC and Bobbie is -- JC really loves Lance, whereas, (as I see it) Bobbie isn't in love with Chris, she just wants to be in love.

Chris has no idea she kissed JC, since, of course, she lied about it to him. JC hasn't spoken about it, obviously because it would cause more problems. Chris also mentioned bringing Tara to LA while still traveling with Ron, but nothing seemed to have happened there.

Chris and Joey tried to make things right between them, but it doesn't look like anything will end up happening between them, but Chris did finally tell Bobbie he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her right now, which is good. The rest of Nsync just seem to be hanging out and trying to put things back together between them.

I figure the whole thing between JC and Bobbie will come out eventually. Chris may or may not be pissed. Lance...will just hate Bobbie more, I'd expect. So, who knows? There was some mild flirting in the RV between Ron and Chris, but he told Bobbie nothing is going on. Chris just needs to date around and see who he likes. Drop Bobbie, start viewing Joey as just a friend, and move on to Ron or Tara, or someone else.

I'm very wrapped up in this soap opera. ;)

EDIT: Oh, and Chris and Ron ended up having hot sex. :D So, eh, I guess their flirting was a little more serious than I thought. This should make for an interesting twist.