She passed by my window (san_san) wrote in mustbepop_watch,
She passed by my window

sorry if you see this somewhere else....

I'm looking for someone to adopt mick_myruin
His the guitarist behind the music in My Ruin,His dating miss_tairrie_b and rpg they have a newborn so if you'd like to take him comment and let me know and i'll pass over details.

Also i thought id post some suggestions as to new roles in must_be_pop more can be found at mbp_suggest

  • Peter Steele Type O Negative
  • Nick Cave
  • Yael -My Ruin
  • Burton C Cell -Fear Factory\The Watchers
  • Christian Olde Wolberg- Fear Factory
  • Raymond Herrera-Fear Factory
  • Dino Cazares-Fear Factory
  • Bobby-Scarling
  • Christian-Scarling
  • Garey-Scarling
  • Jerry Cantrell
  • Jason-Snake River Conspiracy
  • Max Cavalera-Soulfly
  • Lajon Witherspoon-Sevendust
  • Morgan Rose-Sevendust
  • John Tumor Fahnestock-Snot\Amen
  • Sonny Mayo-Snot\Amen\Five-O-Clock
  • Shannon Larkin-Amen\Ugly Kid Joe\Candlebox
  • Paul Fig-Amen
  • Mikey Doling-Snot\Soulfly
  • Jamie Miller-Snot
  • Claire Simson from Sugar Coma
  • James Cuthbert from Sugar Coma
  • Heidi McEwen from Sugar Coma
  • Jess Mayers from Sugar Coma
  • Sean - White Zombie\Rock City Morgue
  • Sheri -Mrs Zombie
  • Tempesta- Zombie
  • Blasko-Zombie
  • Riggs- Zombie
  • Robert Turner -Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Watts -KMFDM
  • Rieflin -KMFDM
  • Joolz -KMFDM
  • Steve -KMFDM
  • Andy -KMFDM
  • Brute -KMFDM
  • Sascha K -KMFDM
  • Lucia -KMFDM

    I can help with icons,codes,infomation
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